Author Archive: The Mysterious Snickersnack

K. J. Joyner is a published author and has been moonlighting in eBook work for years. Her experience includes formatting for Trish MacGregor, Dov Silverman and others. She has also flatted pages for the X-Men, Darkwing Duck and other projects while centering her professional world around the art of self-publishing. Currently she works with her daughter making children's book illustrations for NextGen Publishing while taking on various commissions. In her spare time she publishes The Heavenly Bride, an adult webcomic, and 10 Confessions & A Kiss, a romantic comedy. Sundays are spent working on her next novel, Trait of Honor (title tentative).

Successful Move

We have had  successful move from to this site – and it was for the best. This site is much more streamlined and can offer authors a better cover search experience. It also takes some of the work off… (READ MORE)


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