Custom Commission Products

It occurred to me: were you aware you could offer custom commissions through the website? It’s easy peasey.

  1. First, assemble a graphic that represents your work just like you would a graphic for your premade cover.
  2. Once you have that ready to go, figure out what you want your commission page to say just as you would your premade cover product page. I highly suggest including the following or a variation thereof:  You are purchasing a one time custom book cover commission by (your name) for your book. After payment is finalized, (your name) will be contacting you for all required information to make you the highest quality, eye-catching cover your book deserves. You also get ten free changes. (There shall be an extra charge per change after 10.) Please allow (your name) time to complete the project once work has begun. And as always thank you for your business!
  3. You can play with the variation options for your product as well. This way you could offer a custom cover using three graphics from at the amount of $$$ and then another custom cover in the same product page using 2 graphics at a different price… or 4 graphics, etc. You can also add extra changes, etc, for clients who find themselves having to purchase them. (Any vendor who cannot access the variation menu please contact me.)

I strongly advise those who choose to do this to make sure your prices cover the cost of images as well as your hard work… $100 is not too high for example.

I notice some vendors here have withdrawn their items in the wake of Paypal’s pffft. Sadly I shall be removing accounts with no items on board very soon to help clear up any website clutter.

Now get out there and sell folks!