Quality control today!

Once again it’s me, here to work on the website. And today’s goal is quality control.

I had sent out an email to the vendors warning them this day was coming, and here it is. The issue? Starting today when I notice a cover is unreadable or just not high enough in quality, I’m going to email the vendor one time and one time only. If the issue isn’t fixed, the cover goes down.

This isn’t a mean spirited move. It’s all in stepping up our game. Premade covers is a pretty competitive business. This website already offers an extremely low commission fee to the vendors. It offers some real competitive prices to help the author’s wallet. Now it has to step up it’s quality game. That’s why I’m here.

So if you’re a client, or a potential client, you can be assured that we really do care if your cover looks good or not. And if you’re a vendor, understand that this is also for your own good. Think of how much better your resume will look with a stepped up game, eh?