Terms for Vendors

Admittedly, the terms and conditions for the website are spread out a bit because many of them depend on your role here: author or client. So to begin, here are some direct links for you to follow:

  • Our FAQ: http://www.premadecovers4u.com/?page_id=1031
  • Artist FAQ and information: http://www.premadecovers4u.com/?page_id=35
  • For legal stuff go here: http://www.premadecovers4u.com/?page_id=209

Your place as an artist here is an important one: you provide content for the authors to buy. However, there are some things we need you to adhere to.

  1. Keep your content legal. This goes beyond nekkid bodies and avoiding child pornography. If you use a stock art site, make sure of that sites legal bylines regarding print on demand, cover license, and fair use. Some sites don’t allow print on demand under any circumstances for example. Do your best to obey copyright laws.
  2. Try not to repeat other people’s covers. Try to keep your work original. It can be hard if everyone is falling in love with the same picture at Fotolia.com – but it can be done. Remember, you are an artist so don’t be afraid to create.
  3. Each cover submission is reviewed for quality. You don’t have to already be a published author, professional artist, or even hold an art degree to get your work up here but you do have to make good stuff. Don’t just slap words over a random picture and call it a day. Cover making is a lot more than that. Make it look good. The better it looks, the better chances your stuff will sell.
  4. Speaking of quality: Make your covers readable. As you already know, when making a book cover of any sort (either for comic books or for novels) it needs to be designed so that it’s easily readable from a few feet away – as if you were looking at it from the aisle of a book store. Book covers that are not readable will be removed from the site to protect the author experience.
  5. A sale means a binding contract between you and the author. Answer them immediately, get the information you need, ask smart questions, and get them their merchandise as fast as you can. The best turn around rate for a premade cover is 24 hours.
  6. Making arrangements offsite for listed covers will get you banned. We want you to use this service. We don’t want you to take us for granted or cheat us in any fashion. We’re helping you out. Please don’t stab us in the back.
  7. Once your vendor status is approved, upload something. Vendors with nothing in stock will have their accounts removed.

More will be added as we see fit.