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Signing up and listing with us may look complicated but it’s real easy. All if you have to do is stop and read what you’re doing. This area is going to tell you some basic things you gotta know.

Here is a post with a video tutorial I created: http://www.premadecovers4u.com/?p=525

If you hate video tutorials as much as I do, some more information is below.

First: signing up. If you think this takes a magic wand, think again. Signing up to join this website as a vender is the exact same process as when you join any other website, especially ones run by WordPress like this one. So simply look down the bottom right side of this site and find the meta section. That will be the part that has the login text button. Use that area.

Second: your shop/identity. This part is real important. Once you’re a member, log in and fill in your profile details. Make sure your paypal address is current – this is of particular importance. When one of your premade covers sells through here you will be paid immediately. If your paypal email is wrong you won’t get paid at all, the client doesn’t get their stuff, and everyone is unhappy.

Third: how to add a product: Once you are logging in and are a full-fledged vendor, you should see a text button that reads,”+new” at the top of your dashboard. Click it to activate the drop down menu so you can find “product”. Click that and follow the dialogue.


The rest:

After you have found the “add product” menu, you can use just about every listing here as an example of what to put. But the basic format is:

  1. Cover description. Use key words that will draw attention.
  2. Licensed for print? yes or no
  3. Sizes? Usually this is 6 x 9
  4. Any image credits? Either just your name or if you use stock art without making something 100% original from it just put yes. You will need to provide the image credit information to the author when you provide their cover.3
  5. Make changes to image? Yes or no. If yes, set a numerical limit such as 10.
  6. A general statement if your work is an original piece giving terms and conditions. The standard one reads like this: This image is an original piece and would be exclusive to your book cover, however the artist reserves her usual right to use her artwork for prints, art cards, and other items she might produce. This artwork will not be sold or used for another book cover so long as it is in use. You will also obtain the right to use this image for promotional materials related to your book/publication. These rights do not revoke so long as the image is in use and are not on any time or print limit. However, if you the author should stop using this image as the cover for their book all rights will revoke back to the author who may resell the image or simply stash it and forget about it.
  7. Your 400 pixels wide sample cover, embedded.

Example images need to be no more than 400 pixels wide.  When creating the product, that image was set as featured image which automatically generated its thumbnail.

When you add the cover example image, don’t forget to set it as the product’s featured image.

The listing has important information listed in a logical fashion. Please try to keep to that format.

After the image is a funny story for the cover I made up. Not mandatory, but makes it fun.

There are tabs below the dialogue area. In the default tab you’ll see click “virtual” and then add your price. You can also add a “sale” period at any time. This is your discretion.

Click the tab area to the next tab over. Click inventory control, tell the system there is only 1 item, and set permissions to not allow back orders.  Don’t worry, if you keep looking you’ll find it.

Above the update button you’ll see a dialogue to add your cover to the catalog. Open it up and select featured.

In the categories area, be sure to only select categories that your cover is suited for. If you put an erotica cover into the educational area, for example, your cover might end up getting removed.

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of tag words so people can find your cover. Just use correct ones.

Marketing: This website does get some through traffic, but that’s no guarantee you’re going to sell sell sell. Once you have some items up and your shop complete, try visiting the Goodreads.com forum boards to announce you’re ready for business. Mention it on the Amazon forum (they have a spot just for this), and basically get your name out there. Your goal is to really be noticed, so do it.

FINALLY… you will see a “post to facebook” option in the upper right hand corner. When a cover is approved and put up for sale, the system automatically posts to the site’s Facebook page.  So when you post to Facebook, be careful of where you post. Double posts chase customers away.

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