Thank you for choosing to look through our growing website. This area is to help educate you in regards to our acceptable and fair use policies, how we work, and point out some of our features.

There is one very important rule to this website: don’t use us to contact and make arrangements offsite. It steals our efforts, our bandwidth, and the revenue we need to keep this place running. If you keep doing it, this place will eventually shut down and then you will be working with one less resource.

It doesn’t cost you any more to use this website as it was intended, so we ask you to please do so. Consistently putting personal contact information in the free classified section or doing anything else that suggests you are abusing this resource will get your account booted. (It is okay, however, to include contact information in a paid classified.) Sorry for the inconvenience. 🙁

Conditions and how it works

Premade covers sold here are created by various artists. Covers are checked for quality when they are submitted to ensure you a good shopping experience. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we encourage you to use our classifieds section to let people know.

When you purchase a cover by Paypal, the form asks you to provide any pertinent information in a little box. Please supply the book title, the pen-name or author name you would like to use, and any other information you would like on the cover. Please be very clear on your needs, as that will help to ensure your satisfaction with our products. Make sure the artist will be able to contact you by email.

The artist will then be notified of your purchase and contact you for design approval and delivery.

Please be willing to remain in communication with your artist as things like numerous changes can hold up the delivery of your final product.

Premadecovers4u charges a small commission per listed cover sale: this pays for our bandwidth and keeps us running. You will see this reflected on your paypal invoice: don’t panic. The system merely has done the math for you.

By default, artists do not change the design of the cover images but will gladly change the font and title of your book to suit. Please do not ask them to use a font that is not clear for commercial use or to do anything that will violate any copyright laws in any country, as this will null any agreement you may have through us.

Refunds can ONLY be had if your product has not been delivered AND you have had no contact from the vendor within 7 days. Purchase of a premade cover is considered a legal contract between yourself and the artist – we feel that since the covers do not suffer large changes in the image chosen there can be very little reason to be unhappy with the purchase otherwise.

If you find yourself having an issue with the cover, please try to work it out with your artist. They are here to give you something that you’ll be proud to display with your masterpiece. Premadecovers4U is only a service platform that enables you to connect with your artist and that perfect cover, and can’t help with disputes.

If you cannot find that perfect cover and would like custom work done, we invite you to use our free classifieds section to place an ad. If one of our artists sees your ad and feels they can do the job, they will contact you asap.

If you have any questions about our policies or anything else about our website, please email me @ 10


  1. danny pitts

    After I purchase my premade cover, how will my product be delivered?

    1. The Mysterious Snickersnack (Post author)

      Hi there. Thank you for your question. We have updated the FAQ to include it. To answer you directly, each artist is responsible for delivering the product after purchase and the information they need is provided. Typically they choose to deliver by email.

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