Want to be an artist here? It’s free to join up! Once approved, the site owner will either invite you, open you an account, or walk you through it… but she’s not going to put up a tutorial here because she believes in the power of reading. 😉

How it works for you: You join up, you submit your premade cover masterpiece, and once approved it goes up into the website. When your cover is purchased, you receive 90% of the sale. You contact the author (immediately if possible), get the cover finished and ready, and deliver the goods. Easy!

Copyright?  You should know that copyright laws ensure you gotta pay attention to your legalese if you use stock art sites. Some sites grant free license for their work. Some make you pay extra for a cover that’s going to paperback. Some don’t allow you to use their work for print at all. So pay attention. It’s on your head. If it turns out your work is the product of copyright theft, it will get removed – and you might get banned.

When you register, be sure to fill out your profile completely – especially the part with your PayPal address. If you don’t it will cause all sorts of errors with the website and with you getting paid.

The webcreator has thoughtfully put out a long list of stock art resources for you with many of them being public domain and free. It’s listed as a subpage to this page. Get to know the website and you will find it.

BTW – POD means “print on demand”. We already know this. It’s not necessary to send us emails explaining the concept.

Do you take a commission or charge in any way?

We get a 10% commission per sale – this is how the website is paid for.

How do I receive payments for my artwork?

When a cover sells the artist gets paid by Paypal. The system lets you choose now or later!

What if I don’t have paypal?

I’m sorry but at this time you must have a current, working Paypal account. I do have my eyes open for other options in the future.

Do your artists make many sales in general?

Well, it’s more like they do sometimes. We’re not a high traffic site (yet) but we’re gaining ground. But even if we got a billion customers flying by every day it’s still in your best interest to promote your work and your shop here at the website. Show people what you’re made of. Make them want your stuff.

Do you have an minimum or maximum for what covers sell for?

Nope. We have some templates for $5 there and I have a few for over $100. I price mine according to the type of art I used, or if I did the artwork by scratch. You set your own worth. Just remember if you set things too high you won’t sell much. And if you set your worth too low, you’re going to only hurt yourself. Don’t be afraid to do some research and make sure you’re being fair to yourself and to your clients.

Why can’t I sell a premade cover more than once?

Because authors notice when a cover is used more than once, and they talk to one another. They tell each other things like, “Don’t get premade covers, because you’ll never get an original cover that way. They get sold more than once.” Here is a thread of one such example. If they’re angry enough, they’ll rant about how their cover wasn’t as original as they thought it was on their blog. (Which is how I became aware of the situation.) And if they’re really vindictive they warn people away from you by name.

Yes, you are providing a premade service. But, remember this always, you still need to put out that aura of being a creative and professional cover designer – which is what you are being. If you want to sell your covers well, be the best that you can be.

More questions answered when they get asked!

Anything else? Yes, so this section will grow as we think to tell you.

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