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  1. The Mysterious Snickersnack (Post author)

    First of all, I was out of town handling business. This doesn’t happen very often – maybe once or twice a year – but when it does I am unfortunately not always going to get messages from this system. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    I am checking orders now to see what is going on.

  2. The Mysterious Snickersnack (Post author)

    Hi there. I just got this as I was out of town and then sick with a very serious virus. The file is zipped and can be unzipped with any free program such as 7zip. If I send you a jpg as you request, you will not be able to edit the words.

  3. The Mysterious Snickersnack (Post author)

    Hi there! You have been approved!

  4. The Mysterious Snickersnack (Post author)

    Hi there. When you sent your first message, I immediately contacted Dora to make sure she’d gotten notice of your order. I’ve not heard back from her yet, which is a little unusual but I’m not panicking. I’m not sure why private messaging is giving you issues… but in the meantime I’m going to email you at the email address you’ve provided here to try to connect with Dora. If we don’t hear from her in 2 days I’ll simply reverse the charges with apologies.

  5. The Mysterious Snickersnack (Post author)

    Hi there and thank you for letting me know of the issue. The system is supposed to automatically mark items as sold. I remember this purchase and will be looking to see what’s up immediately.

    1. William

      Thanks for your quick response. I suspected it was a system glitch.

  6. William

    I’m trying to make a purchase but at checkout I’m getting a message saying there is no available way of paying for the cover from my state – Minnesota. I don’t have to use PayPal. What about Visa or MasterCard?

  7. William

    At checkout I still get the message saying ‘Sorry, there is no payment method for your state. Contact us for assistance.’

  8. William

    Not having much luck contacting anyone at this site, after 3 days of trying. Same old problem.

  9. William

    Problem fixed. Thanks a lot!

  10. P J Design Book Covers


    I registered as a vendor with your site to sell book covers, yesterday Friday 14th April 2017. I have not had a confirmation, yet my account seems to be active. When I made a listing, I expected to have to wait for approval, like with The Book Cover Designer, but the covers went live immediately. So I removed them as I have had no approval for my account, much less the covers. Not sure what to do now!! Thanks. Also I am a bit worried when I log in the status bar goes from showing to Is this safe or has someone hacked you site? Thanks again and take care. Paul.

    1. The Mysterious Snickersnack (Post author)

      Hi there! This may take a bit to explain.
      First, the site is a tiny little thing with just a couple of us. You’re welcome to join up – and welcome – but it was actually a surprise to me when you applied. I also thought I had to go in and approve your vendorship, but I guess it went right on in. Go ahead and upload a cover or two and I’ll see what you got.

      As for the status bar; the website is actually hosted by my book publisher account, and yes that would be the Apocalypse Writers. I wasn’t aware it was doing that… It’s not supposed to do as you describe, buuuut if I try to fix it I’m sure to break everything. I’m sure it’s been this way since renewal slipped past my notice last month and I have to get with the service providers to fix. And I shall. Worry not. No hacking has happened.

      I’ll go ahead and tell you know that US law is a little funny if you make $600 through me, but so far I haven’t had to push for most things regarding that. AS months pass and I research more, there may be changes to the site. WE shall see.

  11. Trevor McAvay

    Hi I recently purchased a cover from this site and I love the artwork but every time I try to download it I get an error saying network issue. I know my wifi is working fine and I can not seem to figure out why I can’t download it.

    1. Dora Gonzalez

      The files are a certain format and size. I will double-check the files but I have sent you the cover without any lettering for your use to your email. Please disregard if someone already reached out to you on this matter before.

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