Full Wrap Around Add-On Service




Your Full Wrap Around Add-On includes:

  • Your Front Cover which you already purchased on its own (this service does not include the front cover) will be added to the template.
  • A Back Cover which will be created with 1 to 3 images from what is in stock (for no additional cost, the price is included in the add-on service). Such images will be determined from blurb if one is included. You can also suggest a particular place such as space, trees, ocean etc, item or animal you would prefer to be added.
  • The Spine will include Your Title and Author name.

Once this add-on is purchased, you will be asked what your custom titles are. Please include the text you want on your covers (back and front). Since this includes a print cover, I will contact you about your print cover specifications. You’ll need to provide your trim size, page count, back blurb, and whatever other details are needed for your back cover.

No additional customizations (aside from author/title/series/byline/back blurb) are included in this service after the final design of the cover has been made.

Your custom version will be sent to you via email. Covers are delivered within 7 days of payment (Monday through Friday) and information has been received (excepting additional typography customization requests).


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